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We won’t help you become famous. We will help you become known for your competencies, knowledge, skills, and all the value you create for your organization and the world.

Personal Brand Excellerator

The secrets of a strong personal brand are clear, expert positioning, strategy, and regularly created content that brings value to the audience. Join the Brand Excellerator program, and we will help you become known.

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Persona Cognita (Latin: known person) was born out of curiosity, a wish to help others showcase their best side, and the belief that people must speak louder of their achievements.

For professionals

Today, engaging your employees on social media is one of the most effective ways to reach a bigger audience, strengthen the company’s image, and increase talent attraction. The employee advocacy program shows how to harness social media networks and introduces your employees to the principles of personal branding and is a great tool to empower your employees to represent your company authentically and smoothly.

For organizations

By correctly identifying your positioning and creating strategic content that’s valuable for your audience, you can make your personal brand even more appealing. From developing a content strategy and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to representative pictures – we will help you strengthen your personal brand in a professional context.