Personal Brand Excellerator

Would you like to increase your visibility in the public eye, improve your image, and earn more?

Thanks to social media, today, experts, founders, consultants, and managers can be visible, desirable, and appealing to their audiences in much bigger and opener circles. By properly positioning ourselves and creating content appealing to the audience, we can achieve fantastic professional results and be acknowledged for our expert knowledge. We invite you to join our one-month online course – “Personal Brand Excellerator”. During the program, you’ll experience both group learning and individual talks. Also, we will help you create guidelines for your content.

More about the program

Why this program?

Once a week, we will virtually meet to answer these questions:

  • How should you position yourself in professional life?
  • How to be seen and achieve your professional goals with the help of a personal brand?
  • How to create content that reveals your professional identity and credibility yet not spend too much time on it?

The course is taught by personal brand development consultant Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė.

During the course, we will be concentrating on LinkedIn and look over other social media channels.

You will be able to share your experience and ask questions in a closed LinkedIn group: we won’t only be talking about engaging content but will practice in creating it.

During the personal consultations, we will refine your personal brand strategy and tactics.

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