Our Story

Who are we?

Persona Cognita (Latin: known person) was born out of curiosity, a wish to help others showcase their best side, and the belief that people must speak louder of their achievements.

A few years ago, while writing her Ph.D. thesis, dr. Dominyka Venciūtė began exploring personal brands and the importance of their image and visibility to the performance of various organizations.

Way before that, Dominykas’ friends and acquaintances would ask her help when representing themselves, preparing for conferences, or simply picking the right pictures for social media. After delving deep into the academic nuances of communication, the wish to help professionals communicate more effectively was strengthened with a strong basis of theoretical and practical knowledge. So, in 2019, Dominyka founded Persona Cognita – a niche personal branding consultancy.

We live in the age of influencers, social media, and endless opportunities to be seen. By harnessing communication in public domains, we can all create value for both ourselves personally and the organizations we represent. However, wanting to do so isn’t enough – knowledge and skills are just as important. And this is what we at Persona Cognita wish to share with progressive organizations. Today we are proud to be able to educate specialists and professionals as well as award them with confidence and belief that everyone can create value for others and become known.

We specifically use the word known instead of famous. Our goal isn’t to make people famous. Our goal is to make them known for their competencies, knowledge, skills, and value they create for organizations and the world.


To empower managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to share their knowledge and ideas, become more visible, and strengthen their image in the eyes of like-minded people


To guide a curious professional on a journey towards a stronger personal brand

Our known person, our Persona Cognita is:


They are successful and understand that a strong personal brand is a part of it.


You can trust them, and previous experiences prove that.


They use their intelligence and imagination when thinking about the future.


They can understand other people’s feelings.

Our team

Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė

Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė

Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė is one of the best-known personal brand experts, a lecturer at ISM University of Management, and Economics, certified marketing manager and the founder and consultant of Persona Cognita.Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė has been working in different areas of marketing for a decade, and a few years ago, her interest shifted towards the peculiarities of personal branding. Today, Dominyka consults companies and individuals on marketing and communications, organizes employee advocacy programs and company trainings, and helps professionals with different areas of expertise to develop their personal brands.Over the past two years, Dominyka has participated in over 40 conferences, public and private events, presenting various talks on personal branding for over 4 thousand people.

Viktorija Lukoševičiūtė

Viktorija Lukoševičiūtė

Over the past five years, Viktorija has gained extensive experience in marketing and sales, working on an online startup, as well as in the education and hospitality industries in Lithuania and abroad.Her main value is constant learning, so after getting the Master’s degree in ISM University of Management and Economics, Viktorija continues to deepen her knowledge by participating in various masterclasses, courses, and reading books on relevant topics.For Viktorija, developing a personal brand is an opportunity to reveal a complex personality thoroughly, thus strengthening one’s expert standing in the eyes of the organization, target audience, and the public.Viktorija’s acquaintances usually characterize her as an energetic, highly empathetic, collaborative, and communicative person. Viktorija loves an active lifestyle and enjoys traveling and playing padel.